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Docker, Inc.

We considered hosting our own Elasticsearch clusters, but wanted to minimize the time to production and ease internal operational support, so we explored hosted Elasticsearch options. After evaluating a few providers, we decided that matched our needs based on fault tolerance, the prompt support and ease of operations.

John Costa Developer Support Engineer, Docker, Inc.
New York Public Library

Working with Found has been fantastic for this project. Elasticsearch has been really powerful and Found Search has proven to be really resilient.

David Riordan Product Manager, NYPLabs

The dedicated, expert team at Found supported us in all the operations of our Elasticsearch production installation and have enabled us to operate our tech hiring service 24x7 with large amounts of data and traffic. We'd highly recommend and look forward to a long partnership with them.

Luca Bonmassar CTO & Cofounder, Gild
Chronus logo has helped us setup and scale our search infrastructure effectively for little over 2.5 years now while allowing us to spend more time on the development of our search strategy. Very impressed with their support team who were always available when we needed their advice.

Balaji Seetharam Engineer Lead, Chronus

Elasticsearch as a service

Found is a hosted and fully managed Elasticsearch SaaS. We provide a fast, scalable and reliable search cloud that is developer friendly and easy to operate.

If you need to implement a fast and stable search engine for your database, website or app, Found Elasticsearch is the right choice for you.

Quick and easy deployment

Got Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP, Java or .NET? We love them all.

# Create index and index a document
$ curl -XPOST -d '{
  "title": "Found",
  "tags": ["Cool", "Hosted", "Scalable"]

# Index another document
$ curl -XPOST -d '{
  "title": "Elasticsearch",
  "tags": ["Cool", "Scalable"]

# Search!
$ curl
require 'rubygems'
require 'tire'
require 'yajl/json_gem'

# Configure to use Found
Tire::Configuration.url ""

# Index some documents, also creating the index.
Tire.index 'articles' do
  store :title => 'Found',   :tags => ['Cool', 'Hosted', 'Scalable'], :type => 'article'
  store :title => 'Elasticsearch',   :tags => ['Cool', 'Scalable'], :type => 'article'

# Search!
s = 'articles' do |search|
  search.query do |query|
    query.string 'tags:scalable'

s.results.each do |document|
  puts "* #{ document.title } [tags: #{document.tags.join(', ')}]"
from pyes import *

# Configure to use Found
conn = ES('')

# Index some documents, also creating the index.
conn.index({'title': 'Found', tags=['Cool', 'Hosted', 'Scalable']})
conn.index({'title': 'Elasticsearch', tags=['Cool', Scalable']})

# Search!
for document in = StringQuery('tags:scalable')):
  print '* {title} [tags: {tags}]'.format(title = document.title, tags = ', '.join(document.tags))
// Configure to use Found
var settings = new ConnectionSettings(new Uri(""));
var client = new ElasticClient(client);

// Index some documents, also creating the index.
client.Index(new Post { Title = "Found", Tags = new List<String> { "Cool", "Hosted", "Scalable"} });
client.Index(new Post { Title = "Elasticsearch", Tags = new List<String> { "Cool", "Scalable"} });

// Search!
var results = client.Search<Post>(s => s.Query(q => q.QueryString(qs=>qs.Query("tags:scalable"))));

foreach (var doc in results.Documents)
    Console.WriteLine(" * {0} [tags: {1}]", doc.Title, doc.Tags);

Hosted and managed

Tired of herding unwieldy search clusters? With Found, you get your own private Elasticsearch cluster, hosted and managed.

Managed by our search experts

Say goodbye to rainy days! Our search experts take care of your Elasticsearch clusters while you spend your time creating awesome stuff.

Scale your cluster at any time

Small cloud, big cloud? Start small and grow big. You can easily scale your cluster up or down through our user friendly console – with no downtime.

Scale your cluster at any time

Small cloud, big cloud? Start small and grow big. You can easily scale your cluster up or down through our user friendly console - with no downtime.

Reserved memory and storage

Not shared. Your dedicated Elasticsearch cluster has reserved memory and storage, ensuring predictable performance. No arbitrary limits on the number of documents and indexes you store.

High availability and security

For production and mission critical environments we provide replication and automatic failover, protecting your cluster against unplanned downtime. Communication to and from the service is securely transmitted over HTTPS (SSL) and data is stored behind redundant firewalls and proxies. Clusters run in isolated containers (LXC) and customisable ACLs allow you to restrict access to trusted people and hosts.

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